Pettinaroli is a local company

Middelfart Municipality has been one of the best municipalities for many years now, according to the requirements from the Confederation of Danish Industry’s “Local Business Climate” survey which is all about how to create good conditions for local businesses.

“And there is a very special reason for this” says president of Middelfart’s Business Council, Kim Svaneborg Pedersen, director of Pettinaroli, which makes components for the plumbing industry.

Collaboration and dialogue lie at the heart of Middelfart Municipality’s DNA. The business community, associations and local society all collaborate across a wide range of industries and sizes. This has been the case for several years.

“This is something you notice very clearly as a new arrival after relocating your company to the municipality” says Kim Svaneborg Pedersen, who moved Pettinaroli to Mandal Allé in Middelfart in 2000.

“I am still surprised by the people you encounter in your network, during meetings and various programmes. People let their guard down and help and listen to each other. The municipality’s companies are generally willing to put more in than they expect to get back.”


What companies need

“Middelfart Municipality and Middelfart Business Council are both good partners for companies” says Kim Svaneborg Pedersen.

“There is also a fine degree of interaction, which is beneficial to companies. Companies do not have to adapt to strict sets of rules. Instead you choose to look at the needs and requirements of each individual company. There is a positive and genuine interest that the companies here in the municipality succeed.
This very special DNA has been created through the many years of work done by Middelfart Business Council, Middelfart Municipality and the various companies” says Kim Svaneborg Pedersen.

According to Kim, the parties are committed to the area and to positive developments.

“There is an enormous interest in each other, which is not something you see in many other municipalities. There are not many places where competing companies can network at the table with each other, exchanging experience and ideas.”