Business area near Ejby

Middelfart Municipality is one of Denmark’s most industry-friendly municipalities, according to the Confederation of Danish Industry’s “Local Business Climate” survey. The survey is based on a comparison of the country's municipalities in key areas for businesses.

Municipal framework conditions are particularly important for companies’ development opportunities and competitiveness. Factors such as enterprise frequency, exposure to competition, tax/service conditions and number of incoming commuters are assessed. Middelfart Municipality tops the charts on the basis of these indicators.

But it is not only Middelfart's business climate that makes it attractive as a business municipality. Its geographical location in the heart of Denmark’s production centre, the Triangle Region, is also very important.

Overall, the Triangle Region is the most business-friendly urban region according to the Confederation of Danish Industry. The mentality of both Middelfart Municipality and the entire Triangle Region is characterised by a unique wealth of innovation and motivation to work hard and creative.

This power to act has produced some of Denmark’s most successful, independent and innovative business environments and, not least, laid the foundations that led to the area becoming one of Denmark’s leading growth centres.

A workforce of 1.06 million citizens aged 17 to 64 years lives within one hour’s drive of Middelfart Municipality. At the same time, the municipality's location and good infrastructure mean that companies have optimum conditions. Nearby are motorways, railway lines, an industrial port and an international airport, which means fast access to all areas of Denmark.