The motorway at Nørre Aaby

Middelfart Municipality, together with the rest of the Triangle Region, is Denmark’s main traffic node.

  • This is where motorways meet on the north/south and east/west axes
  •  Railway lines intersect here
  • Close to Denmark’s biggest industrial port
  • The international airport in Billund is located to the west
  • The Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense is located to the east
  • Aarhus, Odense and Flensburg are all within an hour’s drive from the Triangle Region, which means a catchment area with approximately 1.8 million inhabitants
  • Hamburg, Copenhagen and Aalborg are within a two hours’ drive.

The local conditions linking the area to regional and national infrastructures are strong:

  • There are E20 motorway exits and approaches in Middelfart, Middelfart East (Kauslunde), Nørre Aaby (Båring) and Ejby (Gelsted)
  • Regional train lines service stations in Middelfart, Kauslunde, Nørre Aaby, Ejby and Gelsted.

Infrastructure and central location not only mean excellent distribution to customers for companies. It also makes it a lot easier to recruit a workforce. With many attractive career opportunities just a short distance away, the Triangle Region and Middelfart are an attractive place to settle, particularly for people of working age.
This allows your company to recruit its next employees from among the 415,000 inhabitants of the Triangle Region, or from elsewhere on Funen, with 194,000 inhabitants in Odense alone.