Business area in Middelfart

Strandmøllen can be seen above the tree tops from the E20 motorway, Fiberline’s iconic building leans into the landscape and from the Little Belt Bridge, you can see Danbunkering on Strandvejen, NKT at the harbour and the headquarters of the USTC Group have moved into the renovated turbine chamber, which once supplied power for screw and nail manufacture.

The business community in Middelfart Municipality is diverse, with smaller and larger enterprises in boat-building, building construction, services and manufacture.

When comparing the composition and cluster formation in relation to Denmark’s national average and the other municipalities in Southern Denmark, the municipality is particularly robust in: the food industry (with among others Uhrenholdt), furniture and clothing (with Carl Hansen & Søn) and tourism, where Middelfart is Denmark's centre for business tourism with a number of large conference centres and a 2017 total overnight stays figure of 540,000.